Yuka Taniai

(Born in 1990,Miyazaki Japan) is a Japanese jewelry design and creator.
Now live in Tokyo,and based in Atelier TOCOHA.
Jewelry production is often made mainly of acrylic and other resin materials and silver.

 Her birth Miyazaki, Hyuga City had a mountain and a sea with a plaza that could see the land pattern and the cape. As her house was near the beach,she often bred in her family, went swimming, went out for a picnic, and touched nature.She loved to play outside and it was a sunburned girl like playing tags and balls with boys.As she grew up and belonged to the athletic club, her interest in art kept thin. However, since childhood she was taken to her mother and watched theater,went to her father and art museum, who liked art appreciation originally, and she was blessed with an opportunity to touch art.
 Also, when she was a seventeen, her older brother went to art college and she started to get interested in art and design.Just when she went to see a sculpture exhibition she remembered vaguely that she wanted to make a job using her hands as a profession.Then she began to learn the drawing and entered Musashino Art University's Craft and Industrial Design Department.She majored in metal craftwork attracted by the nature of the metal and the work and personality of the professor.So, she encountered contemporary jewelry, she was shocked by not only metal but also the attractiveness and way of thinking of various materials.
Why is this form?Why use this material?Why is this wearing?
 She was excited that a lot of '?' Emerged, and there is something that can drive her curiosity so much.It was the moment that common sense to her jewelry covered,and now it has just come to make jewelry.
 Several years have passed since she finished graduate school and she works and presents works and sells mainly on galleries,department stores and web shops.


2015 Musashino Art University Master's course Graduate School of Arts and Crafts Industrial Design Graduate course completion
2013 Musashino Art University Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design,Metal work.

Group Exhibition

2017.3「TOCOHA COLLECT -Art and Life-」Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2017.1「BLACK AND WHITE craft and jewelry exhibition」mono gallery / Tokyo, Japan
2016.12「WAIGAYA ~My favorite...~」Art Room SHIKIGEN / Tokyo, Japan
2016.7 「Craft girls」mAAch ecute KANDA MANSEIBASHI / Tokyo, Japan
2016.7 「Jewelry and Box Exhibition」AC,GALLERY / Tokyo, Japan
2016.2 「Botton-Inspiration vol.10」AC,GALLERY / Tokyo, Japan
2016.1 「TOCOHA COLLECT」art space morgrnrot / Tokyo, Japan
2015.9 「Exposition des boutons」Galerie Hayasaki / Paris, France
2015.2 「New jewellery Artist Exhibition -SELECT14-」AC,GALLERY / Tokyo, Japan
2014.10 「Two days Exhibition」UTSUWA STUDIO TRY / Tokyo, Japan
2014.8 「RICH ~Four Jewelry Exhibition~」ART・IN・GALLERY / Tokyo, Japan
2014,2015,2016 「Musasabi Exhibition」art space IRO-SOLA / Miyazaki, Japan
2014.3 「Musashino Art University master's course design major metal Craft course Exhibition 2014 at The ZE concept store」
The ZE concept store in National Hsinchu University of Education / Taipei, Taiwan
2013,2015 「Musashino Art University Graduatin Works 2013,2015」Musashino Art University , Spairal garden / Tokyo, Japan
2011.5 「Planet Exhibition」Annessebona / Tokyo, Japan

Work History

2015.4 ‒ Art and Craft Gallry AC,GALLERY's staff